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Pandela Rush Privacy Policy

We, the Eric Prokop und Nils Wieler Hard- und Softwareentwicklung GbR are glad, that you are interested in our app "Pandela Rush". This privacy policy discusses, how your personal data will be collected and processed in "Pandela Rush".

Access Rights

In order to work, the app needs the following access rights:

Why are those access rights needed by "Pandela Rush"?

Internet access

We need the internet to synchronize game data with our servers. These game data are generic and cannot be used to trace you. In addition to that, our third party software providers might need these feature, too.

Local storage access

Local storage access is needed to load user generated content into the app and to save game and similar data to the device. Again, our third party services might use this feature as well.

Collected Personal Data

The Eric Prokop und Nils Wieler Hard- und Softwareentwicklung GbR itself does not collect personal data while using "Pandela Rush". However, our third party service providers may collect and process personal data. More about these providers can be read in the next paragraph.

Third Party Services

Third party services might collect, save and process personal data. They might use the permissions granted to "Pandela Rush" for their own purposes. For more Information, please read the privacy policies of our third party service providers as stated below.

To show ads in the game, we use the following third party services:

To improve and enchance the experience, we use the following analytic services to generate feedback:

Update Notice

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. The most current version of our Privacy Policy can be found at

Contact Requests

Information on how to make contact requests can be found at


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