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Swipy Color Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We, the Eric Prokop und Nils Wieler Hard- und Softwareentwicklung GbR are glad, that you are interested in our app "Swipy Color". This legal information discusses the terms of use and how your personal data will be collected and processed in "Swipy Color".

1. Terms of Use

1.1 Contact

The given contact address must not be used for abusive reasons, such as sending ads or any other spam. For serious contact requests, visit our website ( and use the provided form. Information concerning our products can be found on the respective product page (here:

1.2 Advertisement

This app may contain advertisement from third parties.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1 Access Rights

To provide complete functionality "Swipy Color" needs following access rights:

Why are those rights needed?

2.2 Personal Data

We, the "Eric Prokop und Nils Wieler Hard- und Softwareentwicklung GbR" do not collect any personal data while using "Swipy Color". No data related to you will be transmitted to us. Our Third Party Services may collect and process your personal data. More about Third Party Services can be found in the next paragraph!

2.3 Third Party Services

In some cases our Third Party Services will collect some of your personal data. In addition they need the access rights, which we listed above. For more information on how they will process your data and which of your personal data will be collected, please visit their websites. "Swipy Color" contains the following Third Party Services:

3. Update Notice

These Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The most current versions can be found on

4. Impressum

Eric Prokop und Nils Wieler Hard- und Softwareentwicklung GbR
Rosengartenstra├če 34
73614 Schorndorf
Date: 19.06.2017

5. Attribution Notice

This app uses media and work from other people, which requires attribution. The full licenses can be found here:

5.1 Audio


"Game_over", CC BY 3.0

"Jingle_Win_00.wav", CC BY 3.0

5.1.2 Hearten

Hearten by PlatinumEDM is licensed under a Creative Commons License

PlatinumEDM Social Links:

5.2 Visual Assets

Special thanks to!

5.3 Translation

Special thanks to Ela and Isi!